Tectrol - Engineers Hand Wash & Shower Wash

Tectrol - Engineers Hand Wash & Shower Wash

Tectrol is a sensitive handwash with a delightful orange scent, ideal for use in washrooms and bathrooms for keeping hands and skin clean and hygienic. Tectrol is also a powerful cleaner, ideal for engineer, fabricators and workers in all work environments.


Tectrol is so sensitive it can also be used in shower rooms for whole body cleaning, but make no mistake - Tectrol still contains incredible cleaning capabilities, even with no abrasives! Ideal for use on factory floors and workshop washrooms where beaded hand cleansers are unneccesary, cutting through oils, greases and grime on skin, while nourishing and moisturising.


Tectrol can be diluted for light use areas such as office washrooms, and can be used neat for heavy use areas such as factories and garages.


•  No abrasives allow for a gentle, nourishing clean

•  Powerful formulation can remove grease and grime

•  Ideal for use in office washrooms and even factory floor washrooms

•  Dilutable for light use areas such as office washrooms


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