S.P Lube - Metal Rope Lubricant

S.P Lube - Metal Rope Lubricant

S.P Lube is an aerosol application lubricant designed specifically for use on metal rope such as within cranes and other lifting and towing equipment - S.P Lube can also be used on chains and gears.


S.P Lube is incredibly fine, penetrating wire ropes and seeping between each individual strand, extending the life of ropes and speeding up production times allowing your business to operate at it's optimal potential. Reduce operational costs by maintaing wire ropes with high quality lubrication to help prevent rust and corrosion.


When working, wire ropes cause friction which creates heat and speeds up oxidation leading to faster rusting and higher cost expenditure on replacement parts - quality, frequent lubrication reduces corrosion and rust, and leads to a smoother work process.


•  Unique formulation designed specifically for wire ropes to seep further than standard lubricants

•  Ultra fine liquid design allows lubricant to seep between and submerge individual strands of wire rope, offering full coverage for extended rope life

•  Maintain ropes and machinery to high standards with specialised products for each and every task, reducing overall maintenance costs with fewer breakdowns and repairs

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