Powersol - Heavy Duty Degreaser and Engine Cleaner

Powersol - Heavy Duty Degreaser and Engine Cleaner

Powersol is a heavy duty industrial degreaser, ideal for use in a closed loop parts wash or general cleaning, highly concentrated for amazing economy and incredible versatility. Diluting with 8 parts parafin to one part Powersol makes a powerful yet inexpensive degreasing fluid. Non-caustic and no alkaline, Powersol's built in power removes heavy grease and grime from engine bays, chassis and metal components, concrete floors, machinery and tools. 


Lift grease, oils, soot and grime with ease and simply rinse off for a clean, grease free finish.


•  Ideal for use in a parts wash bath, or applied to engine bays and metal parts

•  Excellent economical potentail by diluting with paraffin to reduce operational costs

•  Cuts through the heaviest greases and grimes, without being corrosive

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