MS 30 - Semi Synthetic Coolant

MS 30 - Semi Synthetic Coolant

MS 30 is a high quality yet economical semi synthetic coolant, which can be diluted up to 1:30 with water to save money, time and labour. MS 30 cools and lubricates offering less heat distortion and less burning to minimise product loss and keep your workshop moving smoothly. MS 30 also contains special corrosion inhibitors to prevent flash rusting.

Semi-synthetic coolants are incredibly economical compared to fully synthetic, and are much more capable at dissipating heat than standard soluble oil coolants - get the best of both worlds with MS 30.


•  Semi-syntehtic coolant for a wide range of material uses in CNC and manual machinery

•  Low foam for excellent visibility of the work area

•  High heat dissipation for less blade/bit distortion and minimal working errors

•  Excellent dilution rates allow for lower overall operational costs

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