Floralsan Disinfectant

Floralsan Disinfectant

Floralsan is an extremely concentrated general purpose disinfectant with a beautiful floral fragrance - Floralsan is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and as a general maintenance disinfectant, leaving behind a characteristic 'high note' floral fragrance for an extended clean environment. Developed from quatenary ammonium compounds with a pink colouring.


For general purpose cleaning Floralsan can be diluted 1:20 with water, and for the disinfection of drains and toilets, Floralsan is completely safe to be used neat.


• Disinfects, cleans and leaves a refreshing floral fragrance

• Save money by buying super concentrated formulation with high dilution rates

•  Kills 99.99% of bacteria and virus*



Alkyl trimethyl ammonium chloride. Benzalkonium Chloride.


Bacterial Assay

*Agreed between trade organisations and trading standards office.

BS EN1276 BACS 99.99% reductions E.coli.


For a more heavy duty disinfectant suited for funeral directors, animal pens and veterinarians, see our Disbacta Industrial Disinfectant.

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