EL98 Industrial Evaporating Cleaning Solvent

EL98 Industrial Evaporating Cleaning Solvent

EL98 is a heavy duty industrial degreasing cleaning solvent, ideal for parts cleaning with machinery, degreasing steel at stockholders and general cleaning in industrial settings. EL98 has a unique formulation designed to cut through grease and oils and evaporate away leaving no residue and reducing cleaning time and effort.


Cleans electrical motors, starters and switches.


EL98 is designed to be a no-rinse degreaser, so once applied EL98 flashes off within 1 minute leaving a clean, dry surface. Easily removes oil, grease, soot, and grime leaving a clean, smooth finish ready for painting or working.


•  Leaves the work surface ready for painting and coating

•  Cuts through greases and oils with ease

•  Cleans electrical components, switches and motors

•  Evaporating formulations cuts down on cleaning times and labour costs

•  Ideal for use on metals and metal parts and electrical components

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