Disbacta - Industrial Grade Disinfectant

Disbacta - Industrial Grade Disinfectant

Disbacta is an industrial grade disinfectant, ideal for businesses which require serious power in their sanitising products - companies currently using Disbacta include funeral directors, abattoirs, veterinarians and many more. Disbacta is a modern version of the older traditional 'black disinfectant' products used in animal pens and high contamination areas, now built on a chlorinated pheniolic compound.


Disbacta is amazingly economical and can be diluted up to 1:150 with water for more every day use, or kept neat for heavy disinfectant power. Disbacta imparts a 'medically sanitised' freshness after use.


•  Disinfects and sanitises even the most contaminated areas

•  Modern version of traditional 'black disinfectant'

•  Ideal for use in animal pens and high contaminant areas

•  Incredible economic capabilities with dilution up to 1:150 with water

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