Cutting & Tapping Fluid

Cutting & Tapping Fluid

Cutting & Tapping Fluid is a must have product for all workshops - reduce produce wastage, increase work quality and improve drill bit/saw blade life spans by lubricating and cooling in one simple aerosol action.


Cutting, grinding, tapping and drilling all create incredible heat which can warp bits and blades, cause damage to the metal being worked on and reduce machine life - all of these issues can be easily avoided by using an effective cutting & tapping fluid.


By using the accurate aerosol funnel provided, Cutting & Tapping Fluid can be applied directly to the bit or blade being used to ensure full coverage of both the machine working and also the metal being worked on.


Aerosol application allows for minimal product wastage for lower overall costs, with less mess than regular cutting fluids leading to lower labour costs allowing you to keep your employees focused on more productive activities. 


•  High quality cutting fluids lead to high quality work finishes

•  Extend blade and bit life by cooling and lubricating, leading to less machinery down time and higher overall production

•  Reduced cleaning compared to regular cutting fluid 

•  Dissipates heat and reduces swarf build up for higher visibility of the work area and less errors in production


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