BioClenz - Biocidal Cleanser

BioClenz - Biocidal Cleanser

BioClenz is a strong biocidal cleanser with a range of applications - from floors, walls and tiles, to stainless steel food bays and preperation areas, BioClenz has incredible sanitising efficiency. 


BioClenz is the ideal solution for businesses with fresh food displayed in display cabinets, such as butchers, bakeries, fish mongers and ice cream vendors. With a 3-in-1 active formulation, BioClenz is much more than a simple cleanser - BioClenz cleans, degreases and disinfects, all at the same time.


Applications include:


- Toilets

- Sinks

- Floors

- Walls

- Tiles

- Counter Tops

- Utensils

- Appliances

- Refrigerators/Freezers

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