Altec 20 - All Purpose Water Based Degreaser

Altec 20 - All Purpose Water Based Degreaser

Altec 20 is a marvel of innovation - with strong degreasing power and added cleaning benefits, Altec 20 has a wide range of uses from engineers workspaces and fabricator's shops, mechanic's workshops and factory floors.


From cleaning machinery such as CNC machines and metalworking pieces, to cleaning greasy and oily spills and general dirt build up on painted and unpainted floors, walls and surfaces, Altec 20 is an incredible versatile product.


Altec 20 can be diluted to up to 1:12 with water to suit any situation - dilute to your preferred strength and apply via spray bottle, mop or cloth. Use 1:4 for heavy soilage and up to 1:12 for light cleaning and carpet cleaning.


• Removes heavy grease with ease

• Water based for easy dilution to suit any need 

• Cleans floors and walls to keep you up to health and safety regulations

• Extend machinery life by reducing risk of corrosion and wear

• Non corrosive for a super safe user experience


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